Max Diller & Samuel Gapp
“tapetenwechsel” (2021)

“tapetenwechsel” (German for “change of scenery”) is a compilation of duo recordings made between February and May 2021, at the height of the second pandemic lockdown.

Samuel Gapp
“Trio & String Quartet” (Casa Bernardo Sassetti, 2019)

Bernardo Sassetti Composition Award 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal)

The piano trio, one of the most common formations in Jazz, meets a string quartet, based in classical tradition.
We find a constant idiomatic dialogue: an unknown, flexible, “shapeable” world encounters a rather static one and evolves into a new, unique, exceptional dimension.
Rather than presenting a “Jazz meets Classic” project, it is about creating a common approach to music with two different, independent soundscapes.

Javier Subatin “Mountains”
(Habitable Records, 2021)
CICP Collaborative Recordings vol. 1
(Habitable Records, 2021)
Peter Evans “Standards”
(More Is More Records, 2020)
Pascal Klewer Bigband
“Chasing Memories”
(UNIT Records, 2019)
“Kawé” (2019)

Photo by Carlos Reis